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The authorities in Sao Paulo don't care or at least pretend the issue does not exist and the local media is nowadays almost like in Venezuela (no reports involving politicians).

Quem promoveu esse ataque entende pouco de informática – o desenvolvedor de que presta serviços ao Blog da Cidadania afirma qual tal ataque foi bem rudimentar e de que qualquer garoto utilizando algum saber de informática É possibilitado a perpetrar ataques Assim sendo.

Many businessmen and investors have made the mistake of extrapolating a linear trend far into the future.  

Likes The only worthwhile asset is the port. That gets bought and the rest of it will be distributed in bankruptcy. Guy will be negative net worth.  

Likes Nice example of supreme ego gone off the rails. He always struck a sour note with me during his Bloomberg interviews. It couldn't have been more than 2-yrs ago that he confidently stated to an anchor: "I will be the richest man in the world.

#RetoRoyale Play all ¡¡En esta sección de Clash Royale vosotros sois los protagonistas!! Los suscriptores me envían desafíos absurdos propuestos en twitter con el hastag #RetoRoyale y yo elijo el que más me guste de modo a llevarlo acabo en un vídeo.

Will the US regime ever learn that playing chess with Putin has a highly predictable result? Failure and humiliation.

Eike's father was an all too powerful guy during the military rule in Brazil and gave everything he stole (from money to secret/privy information) to his son! Look into the price and volume of iron ore and niobium that was sold during Eliezer Batista's tenure and you will see what I'm writing about!

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Eike was simply chosen to be the go to guy for the Worker's Party (PT) in Brazil. A simple and useful idiot that got to keep a few millions in order to allow a major theft of government funds and a major scam on the stock markets! That is reality, unfortunately as it may sound...

20 por julho do 2013 às 18h21 Eu sou pensando em tais como seria a edição especial do Jornal Nacional, caso fosse descoberto algo assim envolvendo o “lulopetismo ateu e comunista” ;)

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If this gets the media it deserves, it has the power to bring down some top figures in the Financial World of Brazil and also some heavyweights from the political arena as well. Let’s not forget known/wanted criminals. This little bank is a true “Atomic Bomb.”

These days it’s hard to keep track of who owns which Bank? They have all broken the law at some point. at least Wikipedia informs us that the fraudsters at NAG went to jail!

The bank uses its license to purchase official US Dollars from the Brazilian Central Bank (to the tune of US$ 10 million per day) therefore at official exchange rates and than sells the same dollars in the black market (via fraudulent um post knockout forex contracts).

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